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“Don’t let the ‘as I care to tell it’ part of the subtitle fool you. This history of honky-tonk is as accurate and authoritative as any you’ll ever read. It is meticulously researched (197 sources, by my count). And has a sideshow that is as captivating as the main event. You want to know if Hank worked in an Alabama ship yard? Does Willie belong to a club that celebrates a crucial bone in the raccoon’s reproductive apparatus? Read this book and find out. As for Christine Warren’s own honky-tonk bona fides, her deftly intertwined memoir is a charmer, a heart-breaker, a spirit-lifter – and a hoot to boot.”

— James Seay, poet, essayist, honky-tonk habitué


“Christine recounts the history of country music vividly with intellect, curiosity, wit and humor from a unique viewpoint inspired by her love of a good song and her memories of the places and people who have shaped her life.”

— Marshall Terry, creative writing professor at SMU,

award-winning author, member Texas Institute of Letters


“I’m lifting my longneck to Christine Warren for boldly going where few have gone before to deliver an engaging account of honky tonk music and what it means to her.”

— John Lomax III, author of Nashville: Music City USA, music journalist


“Beats any bedtime story I’ve read in years.”

— Eddie Wilson, Armadillo World Headquarters founder, owner of Threadgill’s


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